The Elevate Club is an exclusive community with over 100 members from around the world who are dedicated to building capacity in leadership and life.

Elevate Club members get exclusive access to 12 live sessions with Robert Glazer and a selection of guest speakers who are the tops of their fields. Previous and upcoming Elevate Club speakers include:

  • Finding Clarity in Life and Leadership with Philip McKernan
  • Finding Why with Dr. Gary Sanchez
  • Persuasive Communication and Public Speaking with Conor Neill
  • The Why/Core Values Convergence with Robert Glazer and Dr. Gary Sanchez
  • World Class Employee Retention with Joey Coleman
  • Operational Excellence with Nick Sonnenberg
  • A Framework To Elevate Your Team with Robert Glazer
  • Training Your Team To Have Difficult Feedback Conversations with Robert Glazer

Other member benefits include:

  • Three Course Licenses to share with Friends, Family or Colleagues.
  • A free subscription to Friday Forward Premium.
  • A Private Slack Community where you can share with, and learn from, a community of likeminded peers.